"does My child need an irish dance camp experience?"

our answer is... 


lifelong friendships

Summer camp is one of the best places to meet new people and make friendships through the common ground of Irish dance. Many Irish dancers keep in touch well into adulthood, even long after their hardshoes are retired.

unique skill

Irish dance is a unique blend of athleticism and dance, which makes it a dynamic art form as well as a challenging sport. The combination makes it a perfect fit for many different personality types, and for boys and girls alike.

athletic benefits

Irish dance can increase stamina, agility, and strength, enhance performance ability and skills, and improve focus in many different sports like soccer, football, and hockey - to name just a few.


Combining Irish dance with theater gives dancers an opportunity to feel comfortable on a stage and in front of big crowds. Theater games, and team-building exercises in a low-pressure environment will help even the quietest personality shine.

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For boys and girls ages 4-14

Overview of Camps A & B:

  • Combining Irish Dance with theater and drama, dancers will love the unique medley of styles and parents will love seeing their dancer's personality shine!

  • Dancers of all levels will improve in their skill and technique, and increase in strength and ability. 

  • Activities of the week include team building exercises and games, Irish Dance related crafts, active participation in choreography, and participation in prop construction/set design for the very unique, end-of-the-week-performance - back again this year after last summer's rave reviews from parents and dancers alike!

  • Camp tee shirt provided with registration!

want to know more?


Every day in warm ups and throughout the day the dancers will learn exercises specifically structured to strengthen muscles, prevent injury, and increase abilities.


Each day is also comprised of mini-sessions, called stations, where dancers will learn a variety of things pertaining to Irish dance and stage including: ancient ceilidhs and set dances, traditional Irish dance steps, classic theater and stage exercises, team building exercises, and group choreographies. 


Several times over the course of the week campers will participate in age-appropriate arts and crafts time. This is both to give the dancers time to rest, and to give them an opportunity to complete Irish-dance themed crafts, and even build props and costumes to be used in the performance at the end of the week.


In the middle of each camp day the dancers take a mini-lunch/snack break. If you don't want to worry about packing your dancer food, we do sell light concessions - fun and healthy snacks to boost their energy for the remainder of the camp, and teas and water to be sure they're hydrated.


At least once every day, the camp participants from both A and B Camps meet in a group assembly to choreograph dances and practice theater numbers with their counselors, as well as other campers. This assembly time also includes team building exercises and fun games to promote camp wide camaraderie.


On the last day of camp, the dancers perform a very special show for the parents - a medley of everything they learned over the course of the week. The theme changes each year, and generally we like to surprise parents at the end of camp. But, we'll give you a hint...think Ireland meets Island - Irish dance with a twist.


Rachel Wolf - R.N. (Left)

Rachel taught at her first Irish dance camp in 2004, and has since taught, managed, and directed countless Irish dance camps and theater camps. She is also a registered nurse and will be onsite should your dancer have any injuries or medical needs and need to get in contact with you.

Shani DuFrain - TCRG (right)

Shani's summer camp and clinic experience spans over 10 years. Having been raised by a jazz musician, her musical history and rhythmic knowledge is extensive. She is also a certified group fitness instructor, and a POP Pilates instructor, with a passion for fitness, and  injury prevention and management.

Fun fact: Shani's and Rachel's first Irish dance camp experience was at the same camp in 2004!

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PIDA Counselors

Y O U R   C H I L D   W I L L   B E   S U P E R V I S E D   A T   A L L   T I M E S.

Teachers supervise all dancers present at camp, but in order to ensure maximum safety, PIDA Camp Counselors are assigned specific groups of campers to assist, monitor, and attend for the course of the week.


Whether your dancer is walking to their next station, taking a snack or water break, or working on a choreography or prop, between morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up your dancer will be accompanied by senior PIDA students. 

Counselors are 15 years of age or older and have several years of dance experience. Many are reputable babysitters, champion dancers, and Teachers' Assistants/Student Teachers during the school year.


Every counselor enjoys getting to know their assigned campers each year, and helping them achieve their camp goals.



Ko Brandt

Ko started Irish dancing at the age of 5. She has competed and performed for both private and public events on many different occasions, and is also proficient in piano, violin, and ukulele. She also has extensive experience in childcare, and camp and business management.

Fun fact: She has a beautiful golden retriever named Molly!

Brennen Peters

Brennen is an open champion Irish dancer with 12 years of competition experience. In 2015 she placed 2nd at the Southern Region Oireachtas, and has also competed at Nationals, All-Ireland’s, and the World Championships. She loves Irish dancing, and also has a Masters Degree in Teaching.

Fun fact: Her first Irish dance dress was Shani’s, and Shani has been her mentor and friend for 15 years!

Rita Brandt

Rita started Irish dance lessons when she was 6 years old, and has performed many times for public and private events. She is also VIRTUS certified, and skilled in youth leadership.  Additionally, she is experienced in different drawing and painting medias, and leads our art/craft/prop sessions during the week.

Fun fact: She rides horses in her spare time!



PIDA Camp A (Ages 4-6):
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PIDA Camp B (Ages 7-14):
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Irish Dance classes in manassas on Tuesdays and Thursdays